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Class schedule during the resumption of K3 classes:

1. Children needed to measure their body temperature before returning to school, mark it on a temperature measurement record with parents’ signature and return it to school every day.

2. After children were brought to teachers at the stairs, the teachers guided them to disinfect their shoes in front of the school entrance.

3. Then, the school measured the temperature of the child and sprayed silver ion sterilization on them.

4. Children were brought into the classroom by teachers.

Class arrangements during the resumption of K3 classes:

1. Young children have their lessons in small groups (eight to nine people per group) which were arranged to independent classrooms.

2. Parents were asked to prepare a stationary box of their own for the children.

3. Children were reminded to maintain a social distance of about 1 meter (avoid gathering).

4. Children were assigned to line up and visit the bathroom in batches.

5. Children must wash their hands thoroughly, wear a mask and keep a certain distance among each other before and after each activity.

6. Children were split into groups for dismissal.

7. Parents had to queue up in the staircase while maintaining safe social distance. Every ten parents/adults took turns to pick up their children from the classroom and had to leave through the fire door. In addition, the management office was very cooperative with the school and disinfected the disinfected the stair handrails and cleaned the stairs (including cleaning cigarette butts and water stains). Student attendance was 100 per cent after class resumption.

In response to the severe outbreak of Covid-19, the K3 group gathering which was originally scheduled for July 11 (Saturday) morning is canceled with the consent of the superintendent.
K1 and K2 students’ learning pro-folios and certificates were distributed on 14 and 15 July respectively (parents/adults collected them at school by themselves).
In response to the repeated outbreak of COVID-19, the school encourages students to actively participate in online interactive learning such that students’ learning can be progressed despite the suspension of classes.  The school will notify parents about the online learning arrangements.
School air conditioners are cleaned on 29 and 30 July.