Course Introduction

Through learning materials based on multiple intelligences jointly prepared by teachers within our school and external professional educators, our school allows young children to develop a loving character, thinking skills and diverse talents in a happy environment, so as to become a good child who is willing to learn, communicate, to take on responsibilities and dare to innovate.

Teaching Characteristics

We value the natural development of young children, and therefore design an age and developmental stage appropriate curriculum  based on the life experience and interests of young children to allow learning in an appropriate way. 

Introduction to Courses

Language Education – laying young children’s foundation for excellent language skills

  • Teaching in Mother tongue – to build advantage in all learning abilities.

    Young children’s cognitive abilities are strengthened through practising their listening skills and concentration.

    Young children can use their mother tongue to express and communicate confidently and fluently.

    Young children love reading books and are able to read them enthusiastically.

    Young children are able and love to write starting with easy words, able to match words and write sentences.

  • Foster young children’s interest in learning English and lay a good English foundation for their admission to Chinese or English primary schools.

    English activities- incorporates accurate English conversations, fun English game activities, rhythmic and melodious English songs to build young children’s confidence and interest in learning English, so that children will love learning English when they are admitted to primary school.

  • Exposure to Mandarin – exposes Mandarin to young children starting at the age of four by using the learning materials designed by Principal.

Lay a solid foundation for Maths

Enables children to understand concepts such as sequence, classification and quantity, as well as to develop and consolidate children’s ability to use and solve problems related to numbers in life through the use of teaching materials and real objects in math games and activities.

Building the foundation for Music

Raise children’s interest in music through happy and carefree music activities Cultivate beautiful sentiment and elegant temperament in children. Enables children to love music, enjoy singing and develop musical sense with the use of  learning materials designed by Dr. Lu zhao Jun Hong for teaching young children music. To develop children’s musical potential in carefree and happy music activities.

Foster young children’s interest in art and unleash their creativity

Through learning art and creating artwork, young children can appreciate art, develop their aesthetic ability and creativity. Teachers can guide children to appreciate and observe nature. To appreciate colorful art creations and allow children to express themselves freely using a paintbrush and different colours to create pictures from their own concepts, as well as using different types of paper, clay and environmentally friendly materials to form creative crafts.


Exercise for a healthy body

Healthy physical activities can allow young children to build an energetic and strong physique. Children will learn how to move quickly, maintain body balance, and maintain a fine figure.

Through the rhythm in music, children are inspired to create a variety of rhythmic physical movements.