Develop Good Character and Inspire Love

Within the fast passing period of early childhood, it is particularly important to shape children’s behavior and instill ethical, moral concepts. Our goal is to develop young children’s learning attitude, abilities, as well as positive and joyful emotions through daily life experiences and enjoyable activities, such that they are able to love themselves and other people, have self-discipline and self-esteem, and excellent social skills including the ability to respect and communicate with others appropriately.

Elicit Thinking through Heuristic Teaching

The school wishes to offer a free and relaxed learning environment which encourages young children to learn and seek knowledge actively and to develop various abilities such as good concentration, earnesty, memory, thinking, comprehension, judgement and organization.

Enlighten Multiple Intelligence

Lessons are designed in line with the interests and abilities of young children. Diversified, theme-based activities with an active learning approach are used in teaching a wide variety of subjects such as language, mathematical logic, general studies, music, art and physical fitness such that young children's multiple intelligence and their diverse talents can be enlightened.

Religious cultivation

We hope to nurture loving and helpful children with hearts of gratitude and know the love of God.